St. Columba Church Tidbits

Celeb St. Columba School Alumni

  1. Before the Fonz, Edward Byrne Breitenberger  "Kookie, Kookie -- Lend Me Your Comb" made hair combs popular.
  2. In 1973, the color yellow was featured n the title of the worldwide hit by Michael Anthony Orlando Cassavitis aka Tony Orlando - "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree" recorded with Dawn.
  3. "Caryn (Elaine) Johnson was a nice Catholic School girl; she attended St. Columba few blocks from the Chelsea projects."  aka Whoopi Goldberg

Rev. Joseph C. Dispenza

During the 1970's Father Dispenza, a resident of St. Columba rectory at the time, was Chaplain for the New York Yankees and Mets. He also played himself in The Pride and the Princess; Kojak season 4, episode 11.

"Who loves ya baby!" 

 Season 4, episode 11 of Kojak: The Pride and the Princess, features St. Columba Church throughout the story line. Released November 28, 1976.

Click on the image below to view print screens from this episode of Kojak offering a unique look at St. Columba Church in 1976.

Synopsis: A nun is shot in a churchyard by an assailant. Later she escapes from the hospital, and Kojak learns she is not a real nun but a dethroned Yugoslavian princess who, with the help of her bodyguard, is planning to get back the family jewels lost in World War II that are now in the hands of the mob.


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